We at AM pray things are well with you as this summer heads into full swing. By now many of you are probably aware that Ingrid Schlueter and myself have been critical of Ray Comfort’s publicly linking himself with some of the most notorious teachers of the Word Faith Movement.

I’m not going to rehash this here. All I’m going to do is simply remind everyone that we were only critical of his decision and not of Ray personally or his ministry. So please do not let this issue become divisive for us here or within the larger Body of Christ.

I said what I felt led to say and Ray Comfort, who is a brother in Lord, has said what he felt led to say. Therefore we leave the issue is now in the hands of the Lord ala Philippians 3:15-16. And please do remember me in your prayers for a couple of things, if you will.

It would seem that God wants me to begin using more of my training as a secular radio personality for years and to begin seeking more interviews on radio programs and podcasts. However, the Lord will have to move upon hosts to contact me because I cannot schedule myself.

The other issue is that Apprising Ministries has experienced a very noticeable early summer slump in funding, which is nearing a stage that is cause for real concern. As you know I’m not exactly bashful in expressing what I feel the Lord places on my heart.

However, in today’s world this is often confused for personal attack and/or my being unapproachable and/or mean-spirited. But while I am very direct, anyone who has made the time to approach me quickly finds I am hardly mean-spirited but rather committed to God’s Truth as I see it.

If you have been blessed by this work and feel led to help support us at AM in spreading and defending the Truth of the Word of God we do need your help. People like you enable me to be available to write and speak boldly in this time of effete Christianity. To learn more about Apprising Ministries you can go here. And to find out how you can help AM financially go here.