The Lord be praised as He opened an opportunity for me once again to join Ingrid Schlueter on the Crosstalk program on VCY America:

Claims of revival must always be made in the light of Scripture so that we can determine whether this is a true movement of the Holy Spirit that points to Christ, or if it’s a counterfeit.

With this thought in mind, Ingrid Schlueter welcomed Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries. Joining him was Pastor Jon Sharp, the pastor of The Way Christian Fellowship in McCarney, Texas. These pastors joined Ingrid to discuss the alleged revival in Lakeland, Florida.

There are numerous theological and doctrinal problems with this alleged “revival” that are discussed by the pastors, problems that are highlighted by audio clips presented by Ingrid. One clip has Todd Bentley claiming that gold teeth are appearing in his followers. Another mentions how he was ordered by Holy Spirit to kick an “elderly worshiper” in the face! One makes contradictory statements about the source of the “anointing,” while other clip exposes the overemphasis on angels.

You can listen to the Crosstalk program here.