Apprising Ministries brings to your attention that Saddleback sympathizers have been busy attempting to sow dissension concerning a recent meeting Rick Warren had with two of his most vocal critics pastor Bob DeWaay and Chris Rosebrough. In a new column at Christian Worldview Network DeWaay explains to the Body of Christ what actually happened:

In May, one of the pastors at Saddleback Church invited me to attend a Purpose Driven conference—at Saddleback’s expense. Their only caveat was that I say nothing until the end, at which time I would be able to comment about why I disagree with the Purpose Driven movement. I declined on the grounds that I had already studied the movement and had no need to hear more from its proponents… Warren’s chief of staff e-mailed back and offered to have me come only on Thursday in order to talk to Warren in person. Since the Bible says that we should be ready to give a reason for our hope in the gospel (1Peter 3:15) I decided to go…

One of the disconcerting things about dealing with Rick Warren is that in spite of many problematic, public teachings, he claims to agree with orthodox Christian doctrine… In our private meeting Warren again asserted that he believes orthodox theology. He said, “I am not a hyper-Calvinist, I am a Kuyper-Calvinist”… There was no rancor or animosity from either side during the meeting. Warren is in person as he is in public, which is warm and accessible… 

We were able to urge Rick Warren to start preaching [the Gospel]. He did not say whether he would or would not. I expected him to say that he is already preaching Christ but he did not make that response to us.  Anyone will be able to see if he does start preaching Christ; they merely need to listen to his public speeches before mixed audiences. If he does not, then nothing has changed. I stand by the analysis of Purpose Driven as explained in my book and other writings.

You can read the entire article by pastor Bob DeWaay here.

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