Apprising Minsitries began our own look at this nebulous New Spirituality with Understanding the New Spirituality: God Indwells Mankind.

Now in an interesting article at Modern Reformation Dr. Peter Jones of Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet assesses “the importance of the New Spirituality” and he begins by correcting a common misunderstanding:

The New Spirituality is “neither an organized religion nor a systematized philosophy but a group of ideas and a network of communication.” Such an innocuous description is still somewhat typical—the New Spirituality is just one more option in modern day pluralism, about which we should probably be somewhat informed.

I must disagree.

While it is not an “organized religion,” this spirituality is the reappearance of the massive system of ancient world paganism and, as such, represents the greatest threat to the church since the Greco-Roman pagan empire. The situation is urgent.

The incredibly beautiful “Temple of Humankind”—secretly under construction since 1978, 100 feet below ground, inside a mountain near the northern Italian city of Vidracco—provides the right terminology. Its builders say the temple is not a place of prayer, but “a place for contemplation of the divine within the self.” Their work, they say, is not for a religion but for “a new civilization.”

Our culture is reaching a tipping point of momentous implications where the “New Spirituality” may well represent the next phase of the faith and practice of modern autonomous humanity, whose goal is nothing less than the construction of a new Sodom and Babel.

Few were expecting this… (Online source)

You can read the rest of this article by Dr. Peter Jones concerning the New Spirituality here.

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