Apprising Ministries brings you this post for one reason: There is a foolish idea afoot in the seriously slumbering Christian Church right now that somehow endless dialogue between opposing parties in today’s Church landscape will bring about some kind of “unity.” But this idea is completely quashed with the ad hominem argument used here by self-styled Watcher of the Watchdogs Chris Lyons of the shadow site some of us refer to as CRN.(Mis)Info.

Below he is attacking personally Ingrid Schuleter, founder of the AM outreach Christian Resesearch Network, which the other site of self-appointed “discerners of the discerners” exists to try and discredit. The fact is that we have tried to dialogue with these Watchers of Watchdogs, but as you can see from this latest Lyons screed it is clearly to no avail. Of Ingrid and her website Slice of Laodicea Chris Lyons pontificates:

Slice’s primary mode of operation is to place itself in a position of sanctimonious judgment over anyone/anything its primary author deems to fall short of her shallow, externalist view of Christianity… Before we go on, it should also be noted that the author trumpets, with great pride, her vastly over-inflated ability of “discernment”. With this “gift”, she is able to spitefully trash all sorts of Christian brothers and sisters…

Then in his superior erudition Lyons brings out the following:

Let’s note that the author of the letter, lovingly quoted by Ms. Schleuter [sic], writes:

I wrap and sell flowers for Unification Church.

That’s right, boys and girls, Ingrid’s case study on the superiority of hymns on the radio above other types of Christian music is that it gives aid and comfort to the Moonies!

Oops, it seems Lyons left something out; perhaps in his hasty judgment:

Those like this person who labors alone in a basement, getting paid to wrap flowers in night hours for the Unification Church, are being pointed to the truth of the Bible through the airwaves.

And, if Chris Lyons had actually taken the time to do some research and contacted Ingrid himself as I did then he would know that VCY America is sending this dear man literature on the Unification Church. The fact is that this person happens to be disabled and this is the only job he has been able to get.

You can read Ingrid Schlueter’s response to this unprovoked attack by Chris Lyons on his sister in Christ here in When Hate Trumps Love. And it needs to be noted that Chris Lyons has done an:

UPDATE: As expected, there is a certain crowd that is pathologically incapable of understanding nuance and humor. As such, they’ve taken this article seriously, rather than as a demonstration of absurdity by being absurd. So, I will briefly explain.

This is an article of satire. (look it up)

But this is precisely why there can be no actual meaningful dialogue with those who do not seem to be able to think critically. Who said we don’t get the so-called “satire”? The issue here is the personal attacks on Ingrid via ad hominem (look it up) within this attempt at satire. And sadly, Lyons then chooses to broaden them in the UPDATE above to now include CRN itself.

Maybe someone in the accountability structure of Chris Lyons could suggest a course on anger managment before he writes again to lash out at brothers and sisters in Christ.