“There is no fear of God before their eyes.” And the rejection of Jesus Christ–God the Son–Whom God the Father has appointed to be our Savior, our King and our Lord is the most daring and damning of all sins. There is nothing in this world that reveals what is in the human heart so clearly as what a man does with the real Lord and Christ. The rejection of Jesus Christ certainly proves a wicked heart. Hear this O sinner, the great question on the Judgment Day will be: “What did you do with Jesus Christ?”

Oh yes, I can imagine some people on that day. That man who sits in yonder gallery trying to make light of what I am saying tonight he will be there. I can see him standing before the Judgment Bar. The throng will fall back; there will be a profound silence. Then comes rolling forth like the sound of mighty rushing waters the majestic Voice of the awesome and dreadful Judge: “You man, what did you do with Jesus Christ!” Who is to be the Judge that day?

None other than Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord, Christ Jesus Whom you are rejecting is to be that Judge. This same Jesus Christ of Nazareth Whom you are robbing of the honor which is His due will be that Judge. That same Christ Whose Divinity you are denying. And not that you have any real reason to deny it, but simply in your proud and arrogant heart you want to deny it. And you want to comfort yourself in your sin. That same Christ, Whom you are trampling underfoot will sit as Judge that day. That will be a very dark day for some.

I can imagine that man or woman in this audience tonight who’s been telling their friends they do not believe that Jesus is God, and whose been trampling the God the Son underfoot, and who have been resisting the invitations of mercy–maybe even for years now – you will stand before that Throne. And this same Christ Whom you have defamed and slandered, mocked and rejected, lied about and trampled underfoot, will be sitting as your Judge. Friend, will you come to Him now, while He sits upon the Throne of mercy? I beseech you; come to Him today while the question still is: “What will you do with Jesus Christ?”

R.A. Torrey