For edification and further clarification Apprising Ministries presents this email from an AM reader writing to ask about Oneness Pentecostal Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes:


I just came across your website by looking into T D Jakes as a modalist. I am one who loves orthodox Christian doctrine. I am very concerned for the Church today, not only because of modalism but other false doctrines.

Will you please help clarify some things for me? I looked at the Potter’s House website and their position on who God is. It clearly stated manifestations and then followed with what sounds like orthodoxy concerning the trinity. Their doctrine would imply that all three coexist today.

I am not defending their doctrinal statement. I just want to be right when I teach on the Trinity and call out names such as Jakes as those who do not believe in the Trinity.

Thank you,

AM Reader

P.S. Did Jakes respond to your letter?


Thank you for contacting Apprising Ministries. Below you said of T.D. Jakes and the Potter’s House website: “It clearly stated manifestations and then followed with what sounds like orthodoxy concerning the trinity. Their doctrine would imply that all three coexist today.”

Certainly your goal to be fair is admirable. But I would certainly hope there isn’t an insinuation that I don’t wish to be fair because I have correctly labeled him a Oneness Pentecostal heretic who denies the triune nature of the one true and living God of the Bible.

I quote directly from the Potter’s House website in Keeping You Apprised of: T.D. Jakes on the Trinity

Here is their statement: “God—There is one God, creator of all things, infinitely perfect, and eternally existing in three manifestations: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” First of all, to use the word “manifestations” is already classic Oneness language. But note that what follows on their webpage does not say Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are also divine Persons.

When those of us who teach the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity say the one God is eternally existing as three “Persons”, this refers to separate cognizant egos Who share one nature. In Oneness theology they do not use “Persons” because in their view these “manifestations” only exist eternally in the sense that the one Person Who is God has eternally revealed Himself through each of these modes.

And the rest of the evidence within that piece above provides very good reason to believe that T.D. Jakes is indeed ordained an Oneness Pentecostal minister, and as such, he would therefore have to be a modalist. And no just as I expected, by his also ignoring others who have written him, T.D. Jakes did not even extend me the courtesy of having so much as a member of his staff acknowledge the letter.

This also gives me further reason to believe that Jakes is in fact a modalist who is being disingenuous about what he actually believes by purposely using vague terminology. It is my opinion this is because Jakes wishes to straddle the theological fence so he can still get into—and receive support from—unsuspecting orthodox churches.

And if Jakes wasn’t a modalist all he would have to do is to clearly state on the record what it is that he believes concerning the nature of God. But the reason I wrote Jakes the way I did in such a public fashion is because in my view T.D. Jakes knows exactly what he’s doing and so he never will speak plainly on this matter. I pray this helps.

For Christ’s honor I labor,

Pastor Ken Silva

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