Apprising Ministries brings to your attention that over at his blog The New Downgrade John Chisham writes:

I have often wondered, and have questioned my emergent and other friends who claim to follow Christ, how they can vote for Obama, who is radically opposed to life in that he is for embryonic stem cell research (where you kill a baby to harvest stem cells), and is for third tri-mester abortions ( the murder of a viable fetus for any reason, including birth control!)

I think that I have discovered the reason…They worship the same god of their own creation! This god sacrificed his one and only son so that people could follow their own way of righteousness and gain heaven! They follow the same marginalized god that will allow those who follow other doctrines like Islam, Hinduism, and even no religion if they are moral ‘good people’ god will be impressed with their works and allow them to enter heaven…

You can read the rest of his post and join in the conversation here.

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