For more background on the following the interested reader is referred to the Apprising Ministries piece Shane Claiborne Meet The Facts. Concerning the cancellation of his speaking engagement at Cedarville University Shane Claiborne wrote at God’s Politics:

I am excited to say that these bloggers do not represent the majority of Christians—who want to see evangelism and social justice kiss, and who know that what we believe must affect the way in which we live. (Online source)

As one of “these bloggers” Claiborne is speaking about above I can say—Absolute rubbish. The fact is, as a pastor-teacher sent forth by Jesus Christ my commitment to my Master, to His Word in the Bible, and to the historic orthodox Christian faith which is in — accordance with the teaching (Titus 1:9), insures that men like me do, in fact, represent “the majority” of genuine Christians.

It is Christian compromisers like Shane Claiborne, who speak as from the world, and the world listens to them (1 John 4:5) who are doing the misrepresenting. And I, for one, am sick of listening to Claiborne, and other leaders in the emerging church like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell, lying about what my brothers and sisters in Christ actually do believe.

Who says I do not “want to see evangelism and social justice kiss”? Claiborne; it certainly wasn’t me. And it most assuredly wasn’t any real Christians that I know. We are well aware that caring for our fellow man was a Biblical mandate long before God stepped onto His planet, and no true Christian dares neglect this duty — Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute (Proverbs 31:8). What we reject is the Christian Marxism of a twisted Americanized version of liberation theology promulgated by these religious leftists.

Those of us who hold to proper Biblical doctrine have always known “that what we believe must affect the way in which we live,” but in the Spirit of the Lord we are kept by Jesus to keep the focus in the proper balance—preach the Gospel for the salvation of men’s souls, and then live out the secondary role of making this world a better place for our fellow man.

And so Shane Claiborne lied when he said that Bible-believing Christians—including Calvinist missionaries like Paul Washer below—don’t want to “see evangelism and social justice kiss, and…[don’t] know that what we believe must affect the way in which we live.” No, the fact is that Emergent Church spokesmen like Shane Claiborne—with their repainted social gospel of liberal theology—have all of this backward because they love men more than they love God.

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