A reader writes in to Apprising Ministries with the following question:

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From: AM Reader
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 6:23 PM
Subject: your website

I just happened upon your website completely by accident! I can’t understand it at all. When Jesus took up residence in my heart and when I daily die to myself and invite Him to control everything about my day, I fell in love with Him and His sheep. It is evident in so many of the articles that someone is spending alot of time taking apart others ministries.

Jesus tells us in the gospel of Luke to do our work and look for His return. How can we justify fullfilling His purpose in discipleship with taking such time to criticize other Jesus loving people. He will take care of any false prophets, we are to take up our cross daily and follow Him. 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 speaks of argueing with fellow believers bluntly, and you already know what He says about judging.

Personally my husband doesn’t understand why I am taking the time writing this when there is so much to be done. There is never enough time spent reading and studying scripture or praying and praising God, much less taking care of the poor, and I am guilty now of spending time with this. Just wanna know what you are doing?

In His Hands always,

AM Reader

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From: Apprising Ministries
To: AM Reader
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: your website

Hello AM Reader,

Thank you for contacting Apprising Ministries. Please know there’s no offense taken by what you’ve said above because I always encourage everyone around me to feel free to speak without fear of offending.

I respond in kind. The article below will give you a better background as to the labors in Christ I’m responsible for and it also addresses the essence of your criticism below:


And the deal is because I allow all to speak bluntly with me, then they need to be able to handle the same. As I have also shared many times and in many places personally I am a pastor-teacher. On Apprising Ministries my articles usually are as sermons written where people read them as opposed to hear them.

As such I am oftentimes speaking to the crowds as it were in a similar fashion to John the Baptist in Luke 3 and Jesus in Matthew 23. Because this is a time in human history and in the Church with very much the same kinds of issues facing true followers of God as those in that particular era.

And I make no claim to be a prophet etc. However on the other hand, when someone approaches me privately kind of like you have done here then my interaction will mostly likely be more gentle and personal in similar manner to the way Jesus speaks with the Pharisee Nicodemus in John chapter 3.

Remember now, Nicodemus would have been among those Jesus Himself “took apart” publicly during one of His many scathing rebukes of religious leaders—and if you check the text of the NT carefully—even the “crowds.”

Because I do my best to model myself after my Master and Lord in this day of misguided tolerance and misunderstood concept of God’s love I am often accused of being “divisive,” “harsh,” “arrogant,” etc., etc. Well, that kind of reaction goes with the turf I’m called to defend.

I do pray this helps a little in understanding where I’m coming from and my methodology. I’m not trying to sway you but it is a sincere attempt to help you see why I do what I do. One needs to keep in mind that I happen to have very public forums that God chose to give to me to preach/teach in and I must use these to spread the Truth as He leads to the best of my ability.

The fact that I am bold and direct most certainly does not mean I have no love for the people I speak out against. Quite the contrary I spend hours and hours studying their materials that I often purchase out of my own pocket to try and understand their views from their perspective.

But you need to understand this is no game and this is no time for a “business as usual” approach to the Christian faith. Our Lord is at war and I am a soldier doing what I am personally asked to do for Him. What others do they will have to one day stand for themselves before God, as will I.

May the Lord open your eyes that you might see the dark red sky this morning and recognize the time in which you live. I am afraid this is only the beginning and should the Lord tarry things are going to get mighty rough spiritually in the days ahead. You may believe me when I tell you that I sincerely wish I had better news.

For Christ’s Honor I labor,

Pastor Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries
Ezekiel 3:7-14

General Editor
Christian Research Net
2 Corinthians 11:12-15