Of the video clip below Robert Scoble, who “is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author,” writes:

Must watch. Rick Warren runs the largest church in the United States and has one of the most popular books ever printed (other than the bible): “the Purpose Driven Life.” I was surprised by meeting him, doesn’t come across as conservative and is a guy I probably would enjoy having a beer with. Part I and Part II. Part II is the one I’d watch, it’s about 10 minutes long. Walter Issaacson walks into the interview along with a famous author of Time Magazine (he was editor of Time and ran CNN, along with the LA Olympics). (Online source)

What you see on this video is not conduct of a Christian pastor that I am comfortable with. To my eyes Rick Warren appears to be a centered on the self—look at me—name-dropper interested in impressing the world.