Apparently Willow Creek Community Church is losing a couple more teaching pastors. A reader writes in to Christian Research Net, which is an outreach of Apprising Ministries, with some information concerning Willow Creek. A second source from Willow Creek Community Church is saying the same thing as well.

We would find the below especially interesting with Bill Hybels’ growing fascination with men like Brian McLaren of the emerging church and considering that Randy Frazee was the one who was to head setting up the program for WC to teach the congregation to be “self feeders.”

Dear Ken,

First I want to tell you what an invaluable resource you website is Thank You and keep up the good work. But I am writing to give you a heads up on something. This weekend 9/26 and 9/27 Willowcreek Community Church will announce that it’s two teaching pastors, Gene Appel and Randy Frazee will be leaving.

This comes just months after their other pastor Mike Breaux left. That’s their entire teaching pastor staff….gone. Bill Hybels will cutting back on his continent hopping to take over teaching duties. All of this on the heels of that annoucement they made about their failed paradigm.

I thought you might like to know this. It will be made public tonight at their Saturday service.

Thank you and Shalom,

CRN Reader