From Christian Research Net:

We must give credit where credit is due. The Watcher of Watchdogs website CRN.Info of Chris Lyons appears to have finally understood why the Lord has raised up e.g. ministries like  Old, Pyromaniacs, Slice of Laodicea, and Apprising Ministries.

In a post today CRN.Info contributor Phil Miller, though he may not have known it, gives the exact reason why there are those of us who have had enough of the constant mockery and criticism coming from new evangelicals and the emerging church.

The truth is that new evangelicals like Purpose driven Pope Rick Warren along with his wannabe Perry Nobles, as well as leaders in the emerging church like Brian McLaren and his protégé Rob Bell consistently rail against those of us who believe in, and teach, the fundamentals of the historic, orthodox Christian faith.

Which is why we are glad that the Watcher of Watchdogs CRN.Info of Chris Lyons now gets it. Miller has, perhaps even inadvertently, stated why there is a growing number of online discernment ministries currently being raised up by the Lord Himself to earnestly contend for the genuine faith of Jesus Christ against continual attacks by new evangelicals and the Emergent Church:

It is always surprising to me that often people who spend so much time attacking others act surprised when they encounter some from [sic] of defense.  Do they really think everyone should just roll over for them? (Online source)

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