Since the new evangelical Watcher of Watchdogs website CRN.Info ostensibly is designed to "correct" the misgivings of Christian Research Net, which is an outreach from Apprising Ministries, we find this post Responding To Chris Lyons and CRN.INFO from Old to be of interest to our rapidly growing readerships:

"It seems like the Reformation has gone enough off the rails, dare I say like the Catholic church". Those words, spoken by Chris Lyons on his podcast represent the ongoing challenge by his CRN.INFO site, to the Protestant Reformation and the beliefs that were affirmed in it. He is joined on the podcast by his blog contributor Tim Reed who is Senior Minister of Owosso Church of Christ.

Tim and Chris are postmodernists and subscribers to the 19th century Restoration Movement which attempted to establish unity amongst believers on the bare essentials of Christianity. So it is that you will find Chris Lyons and Tim Reed militating against the Confessions of Faith and Systematic Theologies which have always been a significant part of Reformed Christianity.

You can read the entire piece from Old here.

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