Earlier I received a letter at Apprising Ministries informing me that Wikipedia had removed its reference to AM in their article on Rob Bell. And in addition they told me that the Mosaic of Pain website had also been removed from the criticism section for the Wiki entry on Erwin McManus.

I wrote back to thank them and I also referred them to the article which is now linked in the post Chris Lyons Watcher. I found their response back to me to be quite interesting as well as rather revealing.

It follows now with their permission:

Thank you, Pastor Silva for taking the time to respond to my email.

I’m familiar with the way Wikipedia works but I didn’t know the identity of the person who edited out the criticism links for these articles. Sadly though, I am familiar with the names Chris Lyons and Nathan Neighbour from my own research. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they would be involved in removing any links to outside critics of the emerging church.

I found Chris Lyons piece [here] to be disturbing. As an animal lover, I would never consider “putting down” any animal unless absolutely necessary for the well-being of the suffering creature. How a supposedly “Christian” brother could make such a statement about a human being and fellow believer is beyond my comprehension. I grieve for Chris Lyons and others like him who have somehow become so blinded and deceived that they could launch such ridiculous attacks against their critics while nurturing a “victim” attitude for themselves.

Thank you again for responding and God bless you.