*Update* What follows below now appears to have been resolved in a piece by Chris Lyons here.

At the Watcher of Watchdogs website Chris Lyons, the head watcher, seems to have called for us personally to put to sleep in his latest attack on Christian Research Net. There’s no secret that Lyons derisively refers to those of us here–and virtually anyone else who disagrees with him—as “watchdogs.”

Here’s what Chris Lyons has written concerning those of us who contribute over at CRN, which is an outreach from Apprising Ministries:

The long knives of the Sanhedrin were out in full force,…  But it’s not like this is something new for rabid watchdogs in need of being put down…(Online source)

A dog that is rabid is put down; as in put to death. Notice that Lyons did not say their sites should be eliminated. His statement as written would refer to "rabid watchdogs" themselves who are "in need of being put down". So, let me get this straight, did Chris Lyons just call–in Christian love of course–for our individual extermination? 

This is the brief exchange I had with Chris Lyons at Watcher of the Watchdogs:

Comment from Chris L
Time: December 13, 2007, 9:38 am

Did you mean this suggestion from Chris Lyons: “rabid watchdogs in need of being put down…”

Yeah, calling for someone to be exterminated; that’s very loving.

Sorry, Ken, but despite the self-love reflected in your blogs, closing down a blog is a far cry from “calling for someone to be exterminated”…

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