I have said this on a few occasions, but when I began to interact with the false beliefs concerning the nature of Truth held by many people who are mired in the neo-liberalism and spiritual muck of the Emergent Church, I noticed that I was using many of the same arguments that I would with unbelieving skeptics.

And I began to think; once there was the movement known as The Gospel of Christian Atheism, marshaled by T.J. Altizer—allegedly “a rebirth of the Christian Word in a new and final form.” Concerning this Christian Atheism Dr. Walter Martin, who debated Altizer, once asked— “Have you ever heard such linguistic nonsense.”

Well, now I’m afraid that more linguistic nonsense has slithered into our midst in the American Christian Church because right now the emerging church is presenting a Christian agnosticism. Who would have thought that anyone who claims to be Christian would be embracing uncertainty and saying things like “there are no absolutes.”

But for one who makes such a statement this already reveals they are at least certain of one thing; they absolutely certain that there are no absolutes. Sadly they don’t seem to realize that this is itself an absolute statement. It is against this backdrop Apprising Ministries points you to this dead on target piece by Phil Johnson over at Pyromaniacs where he begins:

Something that drives me crazy about the Emerging Conversation is the way endless disclaimers and qualifications are supposed to be piled onto every profession of belief. Any assertion not so qualified risks being labeled “excessive confidence,” which according to Brian McLaren is a “cancer” responsible for practically everything that’s wrong in the world.

Unfortunately the hypocritical certainty of this kind of statement by emerging church guru Brian McLaren, all the while teaching certainty is a “cancer,” seems to elude the average Emergent as well as Rob Bell, one of his mystery-embracing disciples.

You can read Johnson’s excellent article here.