A reader of Apprising Ministries writes in to ask:

“Do you know anything about P4CM and Blair Wingo?”

As far as Blair Wingo; I had not heard of her, but here is what I have found. She is a “missionary/slam poet,” the urban roots style would remind one of Gil Scott-Heron. And by the info on her link on God Tube and on this profile link Wingo is also a model and an actress.

There doesn’t seem to be any website for as such for Passion for Christ Movement (P4CM) as yet, though Wingo does speak of, which then circles back to YouTube here.

The article below, from which the quote is taken, would have me believe that this is intentional on the part of P4CM because the piece is focused on God Tube—where they also have a link—being used as a ministry marketing tool:

Local ministries are signing on too. Pastor Justin Cox, 30, of Los Angeles’ Passion for Christ Movement, said GodTube has helped his congregation reach an audience well beyond the 60 people who regularly come to his services, where he preaches against what he sees as harmful images of blacks portrayed in hip-hop music. “I have to address Tupac before I can even get in there and address Jesus Christ,” he said.

Cox’s group scored a hit with a video of a slam poetry sermon given by actress and model Blair Wingo. With nearly 30,000 views, Wingo’s lyrical performance is now one of GodTube’s most-viewed clips and has elicited fan mail from China, Australia and Europe. (Online source)

From what I can see so far concerning this “Passion for Christ Movement,” though not necessarily an endorsement on my part, I am pleased to tell you that it does actually appear P4CM may indeed be a legit Christian outreach geared most specifically to the black and urban community.

This at least so far as evidenced by Blair Wingo’s “Allow Me to Re-Introduce the Christ”…

This video of an insightful interview outside of the BET Awards…

And this additional performance piece from Wingo entitled “You Lost Another One”…

I pray this helps.

For Christ’s honor I labor,

Ken Silva, pastor-teacher