Following on the heels of Rick Warren and Saddleback: Megachurch Aims to “Disturb: Christians over at Christian Research Net comes I Hate Christians a month back by Tadd Grandstaff, “Church Planter and the Lead Guitarist Pastor of Pine Ridge Church in Burlington, North Carolina.” Kind of duck and cover time for Christians being accosted by…well, other Christians.

By the way, the message “I Hate Christians” apparently came from God too as Tadd informs us he was quite “stoked” even before he shared it October 23. Dude, like totally; Tadd even said:

I am not sure I have ever taught on a topic that God has spoken to me so plainly, openly, and loudly about.  I have never had a message come together so fast.  It’s been freaking awesome! …

Peoples [sic] lives are going to be forever impacted and changed and I am not just talking about those that are far from God.  “We” probably need to hear this message more than “they” do.  Let me tell you God has been rocking my world all week on this one!! (Online source)

Yeah, don’t you just love these new breed new evangelical hipster pastors who are so cool that they can even use the most base sexual references when speaking of the thrice holy LORD God Almighty like He is “rocking my world”? And of course the new breed need to have the obligatory tres trendy uber kewl MySpace.

But Apprising Ministries will let you decide if God says, “I hate Christians” as you listen to totally tubular Tadd here.

*UPDATE* On November 26 Tadd writes about an interview he did with NBC’s Tom Brokaw:

I just got home from the interview with NBC and Tom Brokaw. I have to say that Mr. Brokaw was pretty ‘down to earth’ on and off the camera… I will keep you posted when it airs… (Online source)

Well, hold on to someone special…cuz according to his buddy Daniel Floyd, another new breed new evangelical pastor complete with all the usual suspects on his own blogroll, the interview airs tonight on the NBC Nightly News:

Congrats, to my friend and fellow church planter Tadd Grandstaff, Lead Pastor of Pine Ridge Church in NC. He was interviewed this week by Tom Brokaw about the emerging trend of young pastor’s and church planting. His interview will air this evening. (Online source)