Christian Post brings us up to speed concerning a movie arguing from silence with “missing facts” about the “missing years” of the life of Jesus Christ. Ooh, yeah; mystery…zowie, Rob Bell must love this:

Hollywood’s production of a movie in which Jesus Christ visits the Indian subcontinent during his “missing years” may end up in creating confusion and controversy, expressed Catholic church leaders in India…

The script for the movie, “The Aquarian Gospel” was inspired by Levi Dowling’s “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ,” Nicholas Notovitch’s “The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ” and from what movie producers John F. Sullivan and William Sees Keenan describe as “the lost gospels that shed light on Jesus’ secret teachings predating the four canonized Gospels,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.
(Online source)

And then get this:

It portrays Jesus as a wandering mystic who traveled across India, living in Buddhist monasteries and speaking out against the iniquities of the country’s caste system.

Holy emerging church Batman; looks like at long last they have finally discovered the “proof” for the “Jesus” in the very fertile imagination of Emergent Guru Brian McLaren!? Well, at least as far as one can and/or needs to in the postmodern pudding of this “emerging” culture.

We here at Apprising Ministries understand that when reached for comment Emergent Church leader Doug Pagitt said, “Wow. Wow. Wow. Just…and I really can’t emphasize this un-platonic non-dualism enough; wow.”

Um…er, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves Doug.