It’s been brought to my attention that over at a website which considers itself the “watchdog” of Christian Research Net, an outreach of Apprising Ministries, we get some prime examples of the so-called tolerance of the emerging church and the new breed pastors of the new evangelicalism. This tolerance quickly disappears the nanosecond one dares to disagree with their smug, supposed superior erudition.

In the post “even Hitler had his tactics” by Nathan Neighbour, who has said his pastor is emerging church leader Erwin McManus, he actually compares CRN contributor Steve Camp to Hitler:

Hitler was able to destroy the lives of so many Jews by irrationally blaming most of Germans problems on them. This article from Steve Camp uses similar tactics. (Online source)

And CRN’s own Mike Ratliff is called arrogant and ignorant in Forest, trees, arrogance and ignorance by pastor Tim Reed. For an idea of  “pastor” Reed’s position on Christian holiness, in the comment thread to this post he is actually arguing for Christians to use vulgar language:

Actually I use strong language to make a strong point. When I say Rahab was a whore, I use that language to break through the sanitized version of the Bible that has been taught for far too long. The church has used Noah’s story as a game at VBS to let kids see animals, when the whole idea is that He was p***ed. P***ed off enough to wipe out almost everyone on the entire earth. It is absolutely impossible to use language strong enough to express the anger of God. Unfortunately there’s a far more people out there offended by my use of “p***ed” than that get the point that God was p***ed.

Well at least Reed is aware of his offending people with his potty mouth; but such is the future of the mainstream evangelical camp of the American Christian Church, which we fear has already suffered a mortal wound spirituallly by embracing the views of new evangelical fools like Reed.

Update: And as an example of the hypocrisy inherent in this emerging church Neighbour later comes back with a post designed to impugn my motives:

can’t a guy get some credit without mentioning his famous pastor :-)

In this post even Hitler had his tactics by Nathan Neighbour, who has said his pastor is emerging church leader Erwin McManus

I guess it gets them more Google hits than just mentioning my name. Whatever you gotta do to sell the story, right?

Right; I’m the one trying to get Google hits when Neighbour himself writes this short post (quoted in its entirety above) while making sure to link back to Apprising Ministries and where the name Erwin McManus would just happen to be picked up again.

Does anyone really not see through these posers?