Apprising Ministries presents this unsolicited email as further example of the low standards of what is considered Christian conduct today, and also to show the arrogance extended toward those of us who happen to be pastor-teachers.

For example, I have studied Church history, apologetics, Comparative Religion and non-Christian cults for the 20 years I have been in the ministry of Jesus Christ. I’ve also been a pastor since 1994. Yet below there seems to be little to no respect shown by the writer of this email for my position within the Body of Christ.

Little matter for he also informs us that he is wiser than the great Church Reformer Dr. John Calvin. The point isn’t whether I agree with Calvin on everything—the fact is I don’t—but even as one with my particular background in study of the Bible I think very long and hard before I would disagree with someone whose education far exceeds mine.

As you read this rant stop and consider someone like this walking into the office within a specialized field of study—perhaps that of a doctor or a lawyer—and saying the same kinds of things. And yet any pastor, who is willing to be open and forthright with you, will tell you this kind of thing happens all the time:

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From: Another Rob
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 1:57 AM
Subject: one quick question …

I’ve stumbled across your site … I read a few of your critical/sarcastic articles. You take upon yourself the incredible self-appointed role of being the judge. Interesting … you. The judge.

Here’s my question … what if you actually interpreted something wrong in scripture? Yes, you. Who’s responsible for calling you out? Or are you it? Did you figure it all out? Amazing. I guess if they don’t hit your mark … they’re all idiots. And it is your mark, your interpretation. Please don’t think you have the corner on the “correct” interpretation of scripture. You don’t. Because woe is you if you interpret scripture wrong … even one time … for then, I guess, we could question your interpretation about everything. And that would kind of throw you out then, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a test … Ephesians 1. Who are the “predestined ones” we read about in the first few verses? I’m going to guess you say it’s Christians, because that’s what John Calvin said and that’s what most Christians believe when they read it. But then I could encourage you to do a pronoun study of the first 12 verses. Then look at the pronouns introduced in 13 and 14. Different. Now if you do think that the predestined ones are Christians, then you would be wrong.
They are the Jews. The gentile/Christians aren’t included in Ephesians 1 until verse 13.

Now, if you didn’t get that right, like John Calvin didn’t get it right, then I guess we’re allowed to challenge you and say that, maybe, you’re not right all the time. Then maybe you’re not qualified to be the evangelical police. That maybe you think you know scripture, but maybe not as much as you thought.

Seriously, be careful about your self-righteous writing. I’m betting that Jesus rarely smiles or takes pleasure from your sarcasm and self-righteousness. In fact, I think he’d call that sin.

Thanks for reading.

Another Rob

Hello Another Rob,

Below you say: “Amazing. I guess if they don’t hit your mark [of interpreting Scripture] … they’re all idiots. And it is your mark, your interpretation.” I believe this accurately sums up the attitudes I’ve seen in men like the Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren and those in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell and Doug Pagitt and Erwin McManus.

You also said: “You take upon yourself the incredible self-appointed role of being the judge.” Um, Rob…what have you just done? So you know this is what I do? And how would you know that? Answer: You wouldn’t; and you don’t. So as a pastor-teacher I suggest you take your own advice: “Seriously, be careful about your self-righteous writing.”

And finally you asked: “Who’s responsible for calling you out?” If you’d really like to know you may find that information here:


For Christ’s honor I labor,

Pastor Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries
Ezekiel 3:7-14

General Editor
Christian Research Net
2 Corinthians 11:12-15