Christian Post brings us this story and a bit of discussion on the subject of apologetics, which is defending the Christian faith and giving reasons why Christians believe as they do:

Some of the most prominent evangelical leaders and Christian apologists recently addressed thousands of believers amid a trend of atheist outspokenness.

“Let’s face it: Atheism is in,” Stan Guthrie wrote in Tuesday’s column in Christianity Today magazine. But arising to disprove atheist claims are not just Christian arguments of faith or citations from Scripture, but evidence. (Online source)

Here Apprising Ministries points out that actually when pressed most people who would say they are atheists (“I know there is no God”) are actually agnostics (“There could be a God but there’s no way to know for sure”). You see for one one to be an atheist really requires that they themselves would have to have the very attributes of God in order to “know” that He doesn’t exist.

In other words, to definitively know that in all the universe there is no God, one would have to be able to be simultaneously present everywhere within the universe. This is because at any one time you might be in Denver, Colorado but God could at that time be in Boston, Massachusetts. And Red Sox fans will tell you that He was during the recently passed 2007 World Series. ;-)