WARNING: Very Offensive Language Ahead!!!

The growing rebellion against holiness within evangelicalism is courtesy of the emerging church movement and the new breed new evangelicalism. Apparently the post referenced below found over at Be The Revolution from David Fisher, “pastor” of Revolution: Church Undressed and who urges us “Leave Your Mark—Get Naked,” is what passes for post-modern semi-sort of-kinda maybe-humor.

Although anyone who has dialogued with Emergents such as myself will tell you pastor Fisher’s opening statement is all to true—like ‘fer real dude:

Post-modern Christianity brings freedom, releasing us from the shackles of religiosity. Some of us drink. Some smoke. Most cuss at least once in a while.

I used to say things like, “Darn it, Fudge, Dang, Shoot” or “Golly Gee Beave!” Now I am free to leave censorship aside. I am not only free to watch rated “R” movies, I am also free to quote the lines in the car on the way home. (Online source)

Partially in jest, but more real than you may know, this is a text book example of what I mean by evangelicals passing their youth through the fires of Molech. And this is why Apprising Ministries has been trying to alert the Body of Christ about the grave spiritual danger of allowing the cancer of the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church into your churches through youth groups. For this is the legacy of men like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell and Dan Kimball within the mainstream American Christian Church. Yes, I reimagine they must be quite proud…

UPDATE: Here’s “pastor” Dave below responding to someone who had told him: “I really am torn to invite them to my church because the youth there speak like your art of cussing article”:

I’m sorry you’re ashamed of bringing people to your church because of cussing. And regardless of how I feel about whether one should cuss, I think we should always be respectful of others and considerate of those around us. I cussed on this post quite a bit to make a point.

Maybe this is something that needs to be addressed if you feel uncomfortable. I would also ask, is this coming from an attitude of the youth group – negative, bitter, angry, rebellious, hurtfull [sic]? Or is it just that they are nice Christian kids who happen to cuss. If it’s an attitude, there are deeper issues that have to be dealt with. If it’s just some kids who use colorful language, I’d then process this out: If you don’t want to invite your friends to church because of cussing I guess maybe you should look at the bigger picture. Should you invite someone to go to church to get connected to a community of people who hopefully love God, or should you not invite them and and [sic] keep them on the outside looking in. Is Jesus more concerned with you being embarassed [sic] by language or the expansion of his kingdom? I don’t say that to be derogatory [sic] – you are obviously someone I would never cuss around – but what is the bigger picture?

Better yet (if you haven’t done so) build a deeper relationship with the family and get to know them as people; find out who they are, what their hopes and dreams and fears are, and then determine whether your church is right for them… or maybe another church if they are open to attending somewhere.

Our job is not to bring people to church. Our job is to be Jesus to people whether they come to our church or not.

If Emergent pastor Dave thinks his post and conduct above is even remotely being “Jesus to people” then he seriously needs to have his spiritual head examined. Regarding cussing in church—by anyone, let alone a pastor—it is written: Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear. (Ephesians 4:29)

And pastor Dave; in the real world, under no stretch of the imagination can profanity ever be considered wholesome and edifying for, or giving grace to, the hearer.