If you were thinking of going to a Unitarian Universalist church you should be thankful if He is. Marching along with their mystery embracing brothers in the emerging church and singing a rousing reimagined rendition of  the old repainted classic: “Onward Christian skeptics, doubting as we go…” the Unitarian Universalist Association “tries to raise the national profile for the first time with [an] ad campaign.”

The Dallas Morning News tells us the UUA is:

Proud of their liberal views, spiritual skepticism and religious diversity – counting atheists, neopagans and Buddhists in their ranks – Unitarian Universalists are not known as heavy-duty evangelizers.

But with just 250,000 members and growth relatively stagnant at 1 percent a year, the Unitarian Universalist Association is trying to raise its national profile with an unorthodox ad campaign, the first in its 46-year history.

“We’ve kept our light under a bushel,” said the Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris, the association’s director of congregational services. “I think this current national campaign really does reflect a shift for us in our passion and willingness to be more present.” (Online source)

Huh!? The UUA has kept their “light under a bushel”!? And what light would that be: Come follow us as we don’t actually commit to the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ because we will believe everything. So come join us as we pretend to search for a truth we don’t really want to find. I’d say this is not exactly enlightening. The so-called “message” is summed up here:

Ms. Robinson-Harris said. “We are speaking up on behalf of a more tolerant, more affirming approach to the diversity of religious perspective in the world.” (ibid., emphasis mine)

Don’t be fooled. It’s the same old phony tolerance which, through the cult of liberal theology, infiltrated and killed the mainline denominations and is now slithering into your evangelical churches through more and more of your leaders embracing mystic dreamers like Brian McLaren, leader in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church. The truth is that “U-U” is actually “I-I.” It remains true to the message that comes from their spiritual father — “I will make myself like the Most High.” (Isaiah 14:14, NASB)

In the video clip below you get an idea of UUA’s man-loving message: Don’t become rigid; beliefs can change, because we don’t have a set theology. Yeah, I remember now; this is what Christ was crucified for…