This sad story is more indication of the very destructive divisiveness of the Cult of Liberal Theology upon Biblical Christianity in this piece from One News Now:

Black ministry leaders are denouncing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s (D-Illinois) effort to appease homosexual activists by adding a homosexual minister to his weekend gospel tour lineup.

Homosexual activists had criticized Obama’s “Embrace the Change” tour in South Carolina because the performers included gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, who preaches that God delivered him from homosexuality and can do the same for others. The Illinois senator, who said he “strongly disagrees” with McClurkin’s views, has now invited Andy Sidden, a South Carolina pastor who is openly homosexual, to appear at Sunday’s event in Columbia. (Online source)

Here at Apprising Ministries I am not going to speak to the political issues involved, but rather, as a pastor-teacher in the Lord’s Church I am constrained by Christ to follow my Biblical mandate of 2 Timothy 4:2. That other more prominent preachers haven’t is irrelevant to me. Obama does make the claim to be a Christian, which then makes this “gospel tour” an issue within the visible church. So hear me well: Andy Sidden, as an “openly homosexual” man, is absolutely not a pastor in right standing before God.

No pastor can be acting “openly” in sinful behavior clearly condemned by Holy Scripture without incurring the judgment of God. And anyone foolish enough to follow him and/or embrace Sidden as a pastor will also find themselves before the Lord as sharing in his sin. This is also where any Christians involved in this fiasco are right now. Until such time as Sidden would publicly repent of his grievous public sins he is an apostate and should be rejected by the genuine Body of Christ–period.