In a recent post called Different Versions of Christianity where he shares his “thought on the Driscoll fiasco”Tony Jones, anti-theologian of the postliberal cult of the Emergent Church, says:

I’m sure that I’ll take some flack for implying in a sermon last Sunday that John MacArthur is a soft gnostic (I happen to think that 90% of Americans are soft gnostics, just as I think that 90% of Americans are semi-pelagians). I am talking about the overall Christianity that Johnny Mac is espousing – I think that it’s too platonic, and that it neglects hebraic holism – the water that Jesus swam in.

I don’t really care if Johnny Mac (or Piper or Driscoll) reads Paula White, Jonathan Edwards, or Karl Marx. I’m most interested in the overall theology that he’s espousing. I do, indeed, think that it’s very different from the version that I’m espousing.

Hmm, looks as if I’m not the only one who has noticed the resurgence of semi-pelagianism in the dying American Christian Church. And hold the presses…Jones and I are also agreed on something else when he says of MacArthur’s proper Biblical Christianity – “it’s very different from the version that I’m espousing.” Indeed…