Apprising Ministries points you to a sad report from Christian Post which gives us further example of the despicable divisiveness of what Dr. Walter Martin labeled the Cult of Liberal (Modern) Theology. Know this, the Emergent Church is in its essence simply post-liberal (aka Post-modern) theology.

The emerging church is actually a newer—repainted as Rob Bell would say—version of liberalism and if it is not surgically removed from the evangelical camp it will inject its venom into the bloodstream of the mainstream American Christian Church. It’s deadly doctrines of demons and spiritual poison will kill American Christianity just as dead as the seducing spirits of the original cult of liberal theology—-who have given birth to these Emergent vipers—once did the mainline Christian denominations.

There’s an old adage which applies here: There’s no such thing as a little bit pregnant:

The question for Anglicans in the next 20 years is no longer how the global family can stay together, but how orthodox Anglicans can help each other survive and guard themselves against the rising tide of Western liberalism, according to the archbishop of Sydney…

“The decisive moments have passed,” [Dr. Peter Jensen] said in a statement. “Irreversible actions have occurred. The time has come for sustained thought about a different future. The Anglican Communion will never be the same again” (Online source)