Apprising Ministries now points you to the post referenced below where we read more concerning why Doug Pagitt, a leader in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church being de-invited to speak at the Wired2Grow conference sponsored by the drifting from orthodoxy Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (SBC). In phone conversation with the author of this piece Pagitt himself apparently said:

criticism ramped up after the CNN appearance. But, he said, the yoga classes taught in his church are holistic and practiced in a completely Christian context. Though yoga was developed within the Hindu tradition, one does not have to be a universalist in order to practice it, he said.

Regarding the withdrawn invitation, Pagitt said “I have no sour grapes about it. My feelings aren’t hurt. I don’t blame them for making the decision if they believe their constituency would not be happy with my appearance.”

Pagitt said Sasser asked him about his beliefs regarding universalism, his view of scripture, and his views on homosexuality. He did not discuss the matters in detail, he said, because it seemed obvious that the dis-invitation was a foregone conclusion.

You can read the rest of the above article here.

And following is the CNN piece on Yoga which featured Pagitt and Dr. John MacArthur. This particular video clip also includes the conversation that Pagitt taped with an employee of the local CNN affiliate after the broadcast.

I have already made a transcrition of that recording for interested readers in Emerging Church Pastor Doug Pagitt: Post CNN Interview Comments Concerning Dr. John MacArthur.