With the recent death in my family I had decided not to respond further to the hit piece David Aikman leveled at Apprising Ministries in Christianity Astray Today back in August.

However, after seeing this piece from Frank Turk over at his …And His Ministers of Fire I can see there are a couple of issues which do need to be addressed which I didn’t cover in Response to David Aikman of Christianity Today and his Anointing Apprising Ministries A Leader Among His “Attack Dogs of Christendom” (Part Two).

Turk begins his piece by pointing out that a commenter named Todd–hence the “Not Friel” title–whom he is rebutting based on the comment section of his post at Pyromaniacs entitled Religious Symbology is a bit unfamiliar with the Internet side of ministry. Not at all unlike Aikman himself I might add:

Just a few preliminary notes as we open up Todd’s comments here. The first, which I think is obvious to anyone reading Todd’s view of what Dr. Aikman wrote, is that it seems that Todd hasn’t actually read much of the blogosphere. And let’s be serious: it’s not a very reputable place. Who can blame him if he’s not reading it? It’s like blaming him for not reading the vast output of vanity presses globally – who has that kind of time and patience and intestinal fortitude?

But in that, many of Todd’s rejoiners on behalf of Dr. Aikman reflect a pretty shallow understanding of what is happening in the blogosphere. So while I don’t blame him for not being a blog reader, I think I find it a little weird that he wants to make distinctions in a genre or media (or however you classify the blog-bandwidth) which he doesn’t know that much about.

You can read the rest of Turk’s article here.