At Ignatius Insight Scoop, which promotes apostate Roman Catholicism,we read: “Michael Spencer, the ‘Internet Monk’, has responded to my recent post, ‘Why I Am Not a Catholic’ (which, in turn, was in response to his post, ‘Five Questions on The iMonk and Catholicism’).”

Former “Fundamentalist Protestant” now Roman Catholic author Carl Olson then continues in regard to my ol’ friend iMonk:

Carl Olson’s fisking of me today did something to me. It’s hard to describe exactly what, but I’m going to try… With this latest fisking, I have now been taken down and apart by Phil Johnson, Frank Turk, James White, Steve Hays, Ken Silva and Carl Olson.

From the internet’s most well-known Reformed Baptist apologist to a Roman Catholic editor/author/apologist, I’ve been made famous on blogs far more widely read than my own. I’ve been called an enemy of Piper and an enemy of Calvinism, and I’m constantly receiving emails from Calvinists who love my critiques of evangelicalism. According to the dogs at Fide-O, I’m a Barthian apostate…

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