It seems that Doug Pagitt of the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church, in addition to attacking Dr. John MacArthur and saying he preaches a “perverted” Gospel, was asked to preach yesterday at Mars Hill Bible Church. This is from a member in covenant relation with MHBC; ah, that’s a member for those of us who speak English:

Today was crazy because we had to be at both services [at Mars Hill Bible Church]… Rob [Bell] was out sick with Bronchitis they asked Doug Pagitt to preach at the last minute. He did a great job! He exegeted Acts chapter eleven. Joe [Martino] has gotten to know him through the blog world. We were able to have lunch with him and the lead pastor at our church after the service! It was great getting to know them better. (Online source)

Right ; Mars Hill Bible Church and Rob Bell aren’t Emergent. As I have said before: If it looks Emergent, and it does; if it acts like Emergent, and it does; and if it sounds like Emergent, and it does…then know it’s just as Emergent as Brian McLaren.

In addition Doug Pagitt says of emerging church pastor Dan Kimball:

Dan Kimball is my friend, and an important part of my life. I am honored to be in ministry partnership with him. (Online source)

So now that Kimball’s friend and ministry partner Doug Pagitt has now accused Dr. John MacArthur of preaching a “perverted” Gospel he shouldn’t have any problem with my prior article Emergent Church: “Does Dan Kimball Preach A Perverted Gospel?”