There have been those who have taken issue with some of the things I’ve written lately at Apprising Ministries but I’ve never said anything remotely like following. Here’s Gary Lamb, Lead Guitarist Pastor of Revolution Church from his blog:

I have a smack down meeting in the morning at 6:30. A guy is giving one of my pastor friends crap, so I am going to their meeting. Should be fun. (Online source)

I literally almost got into a fist fight with our office neighbor today. The dude was on tilt. He was fired up and I was sick and tired of it. 2 years of him complaining and yelling every time someone gets in his parking place and I’ve had enough. Who from Revolution is going to bail me out of jail? (Online source)

And this from an earlier post Lamb called I want to be able to kick your butt :):

I want to be able to kick the crap out of other pastors….if I felt the need too. – Before giving my life to Christ, I liked to drink AND fight. With my mouth, I was somehow in a lot of situations that required me fighting. It has been a while, but I think I could throw down if I had too but I need to have the energy in case the dude is ripped up like Steven [Furdick] or Perry [Noble]. That probably seems like a crazy reason but it motivates me. (Online source)

This is Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of New Spring Church from his blog Perry Noble Dot Com:

Like it or not–Jesus didn’t go to a bookstore, get a theology book by a dead white guy, get a group of guys together that were just like Him and give the world the middle finger because He was obsessed with “going deep!”

If I meet one more group of guys who think they are becoming more like Jesus because they are theological superior to people (which, by the way, is PRIDE!) but do not know a lost person by name or refuse to exercise their spiritual gift…and yet claim to be godly…I am going to punch them in the throat! (Online source)

Next is former “Christian” comic Chris Elrod, Lead Saxophonist Pastor and founder of Compass Point Church from his blog. This kicking composition is entitled Hymns, Newspring & The Completely Clueless!!!

“Arm chair quarterbacks” need to shut up! If you ain’t in the game…keep your mouth shut. The same kind of bonehead that would stand on the sidelines and write “the ends don’t justify the means” about a youth event that saw 100+ teens come to Jesus…is the same kind of bonehead that would be taking Jesus to task for not turning the water into iced tea…instead of alcohol.

I’m fairly sure that the same God that put a pillar of fire in the sky got a kick out of a pillar of fire on stage. I’m fairly sure that the one and only God that creates deafening thunder in rain clouds gets a kick out of a thunderous hard rock instrumental. I’m almost certain that a mighty God that created music…only to watch it be stolen by Satan for the glory of evil…got a kick out of a church stealing it back to reach young people for His glory!!! While the “watchdogs” are ripping the method…Heaven is rejoicing in the victory!!! Perry and company are in the game reaching people for Christ…bench warmers need not comment. (Online source)

Actually I have no idea what Elrod’s talking about here. Both of the others involved with the websites he rails at are friends of mine and none of us assume anything of the sort contained in Elrod’s blether below:

I am not on “your side”. Look…I had a pleasant exchange of emails with Ingrid and Ken. That doesn’t mean we are going to take long walks in the rain together or hold hands singing hymns by a campfire…there is still much I disagree with. Let me make this perfectly clear to “Slice Saints”, “Leaven Lovers” and “Apprising Peeps”…never assume that we are working toward the same goals. While I respect a few of your spokespeople…I am totally repulsed by your methods. I will speak for myself…stop speaking for me!!!

Rant over…have a nice day and drive carefully!!!

Just remember Elrod said it. And finally in the following video clip Steve Furtick, Lead Vocalist Pastor of Elevation Church appears in real danger of causing himself a brain aneurism as he unleashes a scathing rebuke at supposed “front row Pharisees” in his own church: