Fox News reports on the neat new evangelical Soiled By Compromise tactic of bribin’ ‘em 4 Jesus:

Sometimes it’s hard to get bikers and NASCAR fans to dress up and attend church on Sunday morning. So Southern Baptists are taking the Gospel to them, giving away free motorcycles at biker rallies and motor speedways as they try to attract new converts with a revved-up new style of evangelism.

Baptists in North and South Dakota for a second year in a row gave away a new Harley Davidson at the Sturgis, S.D., biker rally in August. To be eligible, people had to listen to a 3-minute sermon and fill out a card to get a raffle ticket…

“Just believing church is on Sunday or putting up a tent and holding a worship service and asking people to come, that at some point was a successful method. But over the years they have not been as effective,” said Jim Hamilton, executive director of the Dakota Baptist Convention. “When you have people seeing that bike and coming to you, there’s a higher receptivity rate. They’re more receptive to what you have to say.” (Online source)

Silly Jesus, all He ever offered was Himself. But today we’ve improved on that antiquated idea by giving away stuff just for sitting through an excruciatingly long 3-minute “sermon.” Apprising Ministries wonders what’s next on the “missional” SBC docket of compromise? Hey, maybe free booze, sanctified strippers doing “pole dancing aerobics” and lots of cold, hard cash; yeah, that ought to really pack ‘em in.