Perry Noble is a prime example of the seeker sensitive movement next generation and their using what A.W. Tozer referred to as “modern salesmanship.” Men and women, you don’t need a degree in theology to figure out that sales techniques designed by men to appeal to the flesh of other men will prove successful in motivating them to the desired end. In this case more people will enter your church oops, make that the gathering facility.

But if this kind of Madison Avenue methodology actually was God’s intention don’t you suppose that He would have come up with a better “product” to sell than a beaten and battered Servant. One that looked for all the world like a colossal failure as His very own disciples deserted Him leaving Him to die alone while hanging on a tree?

Yet in this interview with The Leadership Blog from a couple of years ago Noble is asked “Who made the biggest influence in your life as a leader?” His answer really reveals much:

John Maxwell…I didn’t even know anyone even taught on the subject of leadership until I had the privilege of hearing him in 1995…I have read nearly everything the dude has in print. Also Ed Young…being able to meet and network with him has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.

To give you an idea of how badly this modern salesmanship corrupts the Church, below is a clip from the April 15 worship service at the New Spring Church with its new evangelical leader Perry Noble. It features the seriously secular “beer-drinking” song “Friends in Low Places.” And interesting to note how the singer actually encourages people to sing right along to this worldly skybala.