As president of Apprising Ministries and General Editor of Christian Research Net I’m often accused of being divisive. Well, here’s a news flash for you. Apostate vipers like the gay “Bishop” Gene Robinson are far more divisive than I’ll ever be. Since this “Christian” clown is in my home state and has even graced my home city with a visit I am quite close to this issue.

Still there is a growing number of evangelicals who are listening to fools like Robinson and are also succumbing to the man-centered metastasizing spiritual cancer of the new evangelical religion posing as the Christian faith being spread by the likes of Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren and the Elvis of Emergent Rob Bell.

If this is you, then I admonish you in the Lord to note well what the original Cult of Liberal Theology and their social work masquerading as the Gospel did to the mainline denominations. As you’ll see in this story from Christian Post, “Robinson’s tentative June civil union would occur just weeks before Lambeth 2008” where this highly divisive issue of “Civil Unions” is to be discussed again by his dying denomination.

Yeah, picking this date for his own “marriage” to another man was just a coincidence. Um, if you happen to believe that then here’s some advice for you. Don’t be making any land purchases in Florida:

The Episcopal bishop at the heart of the deep division within the Anglican Communion announced plans to enter into a same-sex civil union next summer. Taking advantage of a newly signed law that offers civil unions for same-sex couples in New Hampshire, openly gay bishop V. Gene Robinson unveiled an unofficial date for the civil union in an interview with BBC journalist Michael Buerk. (Online source)