This is an excellent series on the subject of Open Theism from my friend Gary Gilley. In Part One Gilley is so right when he says of this Truth War:

Any war is composed of major battles and minor skirmishes.  The skirmishes, while often little more than irritants in the big picture, nevertheless cannot be ignored.  True casualties are often the result of such conflict and the military ignores them at its own peril. Still, the war is won or lost on the front lines where the primary clash is taking place.  So it is on the Christian battlefield.  Relatively minor challenges to truth are constant.  Overemphasis on this doctrine, ignorance of another, inordinate attention on emotions here, encroachment of the world’s mindset there. 

Such altercations are disregarded at the high price of casualties among believers and churches alike.  While we agree with the Puritan Richard Baxter that "charity should be practiced in all things", we must also recognize that minor attacks on our flank, left unchallenged and uncorrected, tend to evolve into full-blown invasions that threaten the very heart of the church.  Such is the issue before us today. 

Apprising Ministries believes you will do well to listen to one of God’s captains.

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