One simply could not find a more fitting title concerning the Emergent Church. Yesterday I was drawn into an already ongoing flap with a guy named David Hayward, “an artist trapped in a pastor’s body,” who calls himself the “Naked Pastor.”

For the interested reader I discuss more of the details in More Indication the Emergent Church is a Cult of the New Liberal Theology. Hayward happens to live in New Brunswick, which makes this even more grievous to me because, as most of you know who read Apprising Ministries already know, Canada is dear to me with my late mother having come from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

It seems Hayward and his cronies took exception to my friend and sister in Christ Ingrid Schlueter featuring him in her Meet the New Pastors series where she exposes these new evangelical and emerging church mockers of the pastorate.

In that post If You See The Truth, Kill It Hayward expounds on the emerging new evangelical Rodney King theology, “Can’t we all just get along?” Using a secular study on fast food as a metaphor Hayward opines:

It convinces me that we could use the same words and totally change the content of those words and we will still receive them. But if the new, different and even offensive content is wrapped in the recognizable and favored wrapper of words that we know and are familiar with, then we take it as the same traditional content.

Just because we use the same old traditional words while spreading hate and fear, it doesn’t mean the content is good. If my hate and fear-mongering is wrapped in John 3:16, we are guilt-pressured into receiving it.

If I had any doubt about what I have said to Hayward and his peeps [a li’l hip lingo for them] it was completely dispelled when I saw the following. Keep in mind as you read this tripe that these words about the “pilgrimage” into embracing mystery are coming from an ostensibly “evangelical” Vineyard pastor and not directly from Rob Bell and the Hollow Men of the Emergent rebellion against the Bible.

In this post Hayward further muses:

Can we please admit that just because we own a bible and know the words that we can be miles away from knowing and speaking the truth? When will we realize that when we say we know something, we don’t know as we ought to know?

Can we ever graduate to the place where we no longer need to search for him and seek the truth? As another religion rightly insists, if you meet the Buddha, kill him. Insert truth for Buddha everyone. Blessed are they who’s hearts are set on pilgrimage.

Ask yourself a prayerful question friend: Is THAT what the Reformers gave their very lives for? Were these brave Christians brutally murdered by orders of antichrist Popes, spiritually putrid purveyors of apostate Roman Catholicism, in order that you could hold in your hand a Bible just so you could now revel in not knowing what God means by what He says within it?

To quote Dr. Walter Martin, “This is Christianity? No, this is madness!”