I would be remiss after covering the mini *ahem* fire storm created by Pyromaniacs with their original set of posters if I didn’t point you to the newest set.

My ol’ "friend" Bob Hyatt, an emerging church pastor, has created a few new posters which are on display over at his touchingly titled Bob.Blog: thoughts from a very distracted mind.

*Note* Nathan Neighbour, a disciple of Cultural Architect Erwin McManus of the emerging church Mosiac, has also commented on the poster issue. Sadly, it appears to be just another example of the lack of critical thinking skills to properly focus on the issues involved. He says:

I sometimes feel sorry for the watch doggies.  I mean, if I realized that my way of doing church was going to be obsolete in a matter of years with the culture shift taking place around the globe. 

1) "Watch doggies" is only an artificial category because CRN does not consider ourselves such, and as far as I know neither does Pyromaniacs. And 2) just as John MacArthur has said the whole emerging church movement (i.e. their "doing church") geared to a postmodern culture "is a planned obsolescence." On the other hand, the historic orthodox Christian faith we both preach is not bound by any culture whatsoever.

Neighbor also errs when he speaks of, "a world where truth is not only relative, but non existent,…" Presumably he means where the culture he seems so enamored with feels this way. But even so, a person’s perception that truth is relative does not alter the absolute fact that is is not. Something is either true, or it isn’t. And the Word of God is perfectly true whether one perceives it so or not.

And finally as another example of how easily the emerging church seems to misunderstand the issues Neighbor speaks of a new post at Pyro with two new posters. In particular one that reads: "Cruelty:  when critics satirize emerging/postmodern values”. While the intent would be as if the emerging church is whining, "it’s cruel when our critics satirize us"; unfortunately in an apparent rush to criticize Neighbor manages to turn the point completely backward:

I find it funny that when the watch doggies criticize others it is discernment from God Himself to His people (after all, isn’t discernment a spiritual gift).  When someone defends their beliefs or another brother from false discernment, they call it cruelty.  Pretty interesting paradigm they live by.

Right backatcha Nathan…