Over at Emerging Pensees emerging church pastor Mike Clawson has now weighed in on the posters recently featured at Pyromaniacs. Mike Clawson is the “founding pastor” of Via Christus Community Church where his wife Julie “co-pastors the church” with him and he recently helped bring together the Midwest Emergent Gathering featuring Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones and Denise Van Eck (a “pastor” who works with Rob Bell) and Spencer Burke.

By the way, Clawson’s wife “Pastor Julie” is also coordinator of the Emerging Women blog, a site which is quite eye-opening in and of itself. But in what is becoming all too typical of this narcissistic neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church–even though they have no problem criticizing the historic orthodox Christian faith they have emerged away from–Mike begins whining:

recently Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs posted a series of Motivational style posters rather mean spiritedly mocking the emerging church and some of the words we often use…most of these posters [are] rather sad (in a “I can’t believe how badly he’s misrepresenting us” kind of way), and some even offensive.

It figures to be quite a lively “conversation” piece…

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