Apprising Ministries is pleased to point you to my friend and brother in Christ Dave Marriott continues his very insightful expose of Velvet Elvis. At Seeing Clearly he begins this piece:

The second “movement” is one of the most dangerous things I have read in a long time — the subject: biblical authority and hermeneutics. I believe that Rob really misses the mark on this very important topic. Because many of the problems are subtle, many will read this review and think, “That’s no big deal!” Others will understand the gravity of what he is trying to communicate.

And as I also show you in Rob Bell in a Nutshell: The Bible he does deny Sola Scriptura. This is clearly evidenced by what Marriott tells you here concerning Rob Bell, a cultural icon akin to Elvis in the semi-pelagian neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church: "To Rob, the authority is no longer placed on the Scripture, but rather on the community and its passion.”

Men and women, this teacher of counterfeit Christianity should never be allowed anywhere near our youth. Please wake up! This view of the Bible by Bell is not at all in line with the historic orthodox Christian Church, rather it is a repainted and reimagined twist on aposate Roman Catholicism. Instead of the Scripture alone interpreting the Church, those spreading apostasy say it is the Church that interprets the Scripture.

I say back to Hell with this lunacy in the Lord’s Name! Soli Deo Gloria; Sola Scriptura–may the Body of Christ now arise and take up our Swords and start an uprising within the apostatizing Idol Of $Evangelicalism$

You can also read the rest of Marriott’s fine article right here.