The Lord be praised for His allowing me to join Chris Rosebrough, a friend and fellow contributor at Christian Research Net, on his Fighting For The Faith Podcast to talk about my labor in the Lord here at Apprising Ministries.

Rosebrough, who also has the websites Extreme Theology and A Little Leaven: Museum of Idolatry, said:

The latest episode of the Fighting for the Faith Radio Podcast is now available. This is our snap crackle and pop episode and features a phone interview with Internet Bad Boy the Rev. Ken Silva.

The interview took place during a thunder storm so the audio has a bit of static. Don’t let that keep you listening to this very important discussion. The sound quality is not so good.

The forces of darkness obviously don’t want you to hear this episode of Fighting for the Faith. Why? We’re taking on Brian McLaren and the false gospel of the Emerging Church.

You can download and listen to this podcast right here.