So many still wonder whether Oprah Winfrey is a Christian because on The Oprah Winfrey Program it is not uncommon to hear her speak of “God” and “Jesus.” The all important question is: What God and what Jesus is she really talking about?

In this piece here at Apprising Ministries you will clearly see that that the god and the Jesus Oprah speaks of won’t be found in the Bible. If we really care about Oprah Winfrey then we must admit that she is not a Christian and pray for God to reveal Himself to her.

We begin with this piece by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries:

Many consider Oprah as the quintessential woman spokesman (guru) for nearly everything. So when she tells her public that this is something she has used for years to become successful, it is accepted as gospel truth because of her success. Her philosophy- your experiences validate your beliefs…

[Oprah Winfrey] is not bashful in taking credit for what she does. She has risen to the top by her own effort (power), by putting into practice her spiritual beliefs. The media presents her as a force for good, and she certainly has been a humanitarian. “My intention is to empower people,” she is the queen of self-improvement and has developed into a motivator, par excellent- for the human potential movement of the New Age. Oprah does have practical information to share that can be helpful but it comes mixed with New Age thought that muddies the waters. Any wisdom given is often tainted with some very unconventional spiritual beliefs. (Online source)

You can read the entire article from Oppenheimer right here.

In the video clip below from Larry King Live Oprah discusses her fascination with The Secret, which clearly teaches the philosophies of human potential and the theology of the New Age movement. After she pays homage to this occult teaching you’ll even hear Oprah sing to Jesus her “Savior.” Oddly enough Winfrey tells us about praying to God to help her; and yet, she then turns right around and says that “I drew” the opportunity to star in the movie The Color Purple “into my life”.

And in this infamous video clip from Oprah’s own program posted below you will hear Winfrey vociferously denying that Jesus is the only way to God i.e. the Savior she was supposedly singing to above.