Answer: Nothing. The problem is with the semi-pelagian new evangelical man-love masquerading as Christianity. And Jimmy over at Relevant Christian asks some questions: "What’s wrong with Christianity? CHRISTIANS! Why all the division? Why are the ‘factions’ warring against each other instead of showing a united front to win the world?"

And then in reference to a few blogs, including Ingrid Schlueter’s Slice of Laodicea he says:

I have read countless posts on different blogs where ‘so-called’ Christians are attacking other Christians on stupid stuff like whether or not one should refer to one’s wife as being ‘hot’. How freaking ridiculous!… This type of hypocritical non-sense makes me ill. Here is a thought….GET OVER YOURSELF!

Good advice Jimmy. I suggest you take it. And if you can’t take the heat friend then you’d best get out of the Lord’s kitchen as it’s going to get mighty hot up in here. How’s that for being relevant…

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