To further build on the Christian Research Net post by Jim Lupacchino of Watcher’s Lamp here is what the emerging church group Youth Specialties said at their website about this ridiculous idea of “Bible study” that is actually nothing more than an excuse for cultural compromise:

Looking for a relevant cultural lesson for Sunday night? Don’t miss our MTV Video Music Awards Questions and Bible study. Be advised that the images and words found in some of the nominated videos of the year may be offensive. Please use caution, and consider your group’s maturity level when using this study with your students.

And here is the link to this silly study. O sure, our young can learn much about Jesus by being encouraged to watch and listen to unregenerate sinners like Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr (aka Snoop Dogg), who is referred to as “Mr. Dogg,” and non-hollerback girl Gwen Stephani. You think we’re kidding here at Apprising Ministries:

Optional Activity: Visit and make a list of the nominees. Print these out and have your group members vote on who they think will win. The student who gets the most correct wins a prize (See if you can match your prize to the program sponsors).

A great source for looking up lyrics is:

There are four videos nominated for Best Video Of The Year. Below are a series of questions for each of the nominated videos. You can download these at or your favorite download service. Plan a party or meeting on the day of the award show and ask these questions as a sort of “pre-show” meeting.

And finally as further proof that we are sacrificing our young to Molech by entrusting them to the doctrines of demons perpetrated by seducing spirits in the emerging church here are a couple of comments in this Youth Specialties “Bible Study” concerning the video Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg:

The video is a montage of images of Snoop Doggs wealth and all the “rewards” that go along with great wealth.

Again, according to the the phrase “drop it like it’s hot” has several meanings. One being the dance move the young ladies are doing in the video the other could be a term or encouragement one gives to his friend when a difficult life situation arises.

Just for grins…pick up a Bible and randomly select a Proverb and see if your group can say it in “izzle” speak.

The images in the video show some of the “perks” that go along with great wealth. If you had unlimited money at your disposal what would be the first “perk” you would by (sic)? It’s okay to think selfishly for this question.

Do you think those with great wealth are blessed by God? Do you think if you are blessed you have a responsibility to share it?

Funny, the emerging church purports to have such respect for other religious “traditions.” Imagine the delight of orthodox Jews who will not even write the words L-rd or G-d if they were to per chance hear their kids throwing down Bible verses in the ghetto speak of pimps and prostitutes.

And if you still had any doubt left this is more spiritual cyanide from the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church and more of the same semi-pelagian man-loving garbage of the new evangelicalism passing for Christianity, then consider this ringing endorsement of Youth Specialties from the website of Rick Warren the Purpose Driven Pope:

Youth Specialties puts “churchianity” on hold in exchange for an “outside of the box” ministry to what’s really going on in today’s society. This site provides ground-breaking resources that cut to the core of training youth workers and students to be the people God made them to be. This site should be at the top of every youth workers favorites (Online source)