What follows below is an example of the type of unsolicited email I receive here at Apprising Ministries whenever I dare to touch the Golden Buddha of the heinously heretical Word Faith movement Joel Osteen. “Sister” Alejandra G., and many of these fine rebutals come from ignorant women taken in by Osteen, is reacting to Once Upon A Time in the World Joel Osteen Lives In…

See for yourself the shallow centered on the self “love” which is produced by Joel Osteen and his Robert Schullerized Kenneth Copelandisms:

I know that people can criticize things that they really have no knowledge on. Just because someone may not have answered a question you asked as clear as you wanted doesn’t mean you can make some look like a fool. You should be ashamed of referring to someone like Joel Olsteen negatively, who is just taking a message and interpreting in a different way that may touch thousands. Everyone believes differently and who’s to say it’s not right? Please you look ridicules trying to talk down on someone who is not trying to go there. Jerks!

Alejandra G.

Mkt Guest Service Supervisor

Whew! Now wherever would one even start to try and rebut such a deleterious diatribe as this, eh? O, and Alejandra, a little word for the wise. If you’d like to be taken more seriously it’s not a bad idea to actually be able to spell the name of those you are attempting to defend. It adds a bit to your credibility ;-)