This is to give you further proof of the inclusivism and altering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the new cult of liberal theology known as the emerging church is currently involved in, though in all honesty it is no longer emerging it is the Emergent Church.WARNING: Language offensive to many Christians is ahead at the online source listed below where where you see the "mainstream" [read: liberal] denominations are "reinventing" [read: reinterpreting] Christianity.

And of course we also get Emergent Guru Brian McLaren repainting/reimagining/regurgitating the old social gospel of what Dr. Walter Martin, author of the classic textbook The Kingdom of the Cults, called the "Cult of Liberal Theology":

So there are two distinct strands: mainstream churches trying variations on a theme and a much more radical, iconoclastic reinvention of what it means to be Christian. This second group, a loose postmodern movement aimed at generation X and Y, is called the emerging church. In the words of a US leader, Brian McLaren, the emerging church aims to "go back and get reconnected to Jesus with all of his radical, profound, far-reaching message of the Kingdom of God" without the institutional trappings and without the doctrine. (Online source , emphasis mine)

And McLaren can’t whine that he’s been misquoted and/or taken out of context because I found that article from the link Red Letter Christians Bios at  the Sojourner’s website underneath McLaren’s bio. Sojourner’s, of which McLaren is Chairman, tells us that:  

The Red Letter Christians are a network of effective, progressive, Christian communicators urging an open, honest and public dialogue on issues of faith and politics. We believe and seek to put in to action the red letter words in the Holy Bible spoken by Jesus.

It’s a well known fact that by the "message of the Kingdom of God" McLaren is speaking of being way less concerned with converting people to Christ and saving souls but rather turning our attention to social action which he sees as God’s will beng done here on earth. In fact according to Impact News converting people to Christ isn’t even important enough to have them leave a religion they happen to like:

McLaren says that if people are "happy being Muslim, or Buddhist or Jewish or atheist," he doesn’t think it’s right to try to "shoe-horn them out of their religion" into Christianity. (Online source)

But  this dead wrong reversal of the mission of the Body of Christ taught by "evangelical Christian" Brian McLaren has already been pointed out by Dr. Gary Gilley in his review of McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus. Gilley clearly shows that McLaren teaches:

Very early, the church “twisted” what Jesus (and Paul) taught into a gospel of “justification by grace through faith, the free gift of salvation, Christ being a substitutionary sacrifice for…sin” (p. 91). That is not the gospel at all according to McLaren, the gospel is that “the kingdom of God is at hand” (p. 92). (Online source)

And it is this blatant denial of the genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ which a year ago led me to write Brian McLaren: The Emergent Cult Leader.

You can see and hear more of Brian McLaren’s fantasy of following Jesus below: