A while back I took some flak when I referred to Perry Noble as Senior Pastor at New Spring Daycare Center  oops Church. I had quoted part of his nauseating open letter to Rick Warren about his worship of Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

WARNING: Yo, this is pretty hip stuff dude. Like totally deep as Noble shares:

I didn’t want to work in the church…I didn’t really like the church…but, as always, God wins & I surrendered… Then somebody told me about your book, “The Purpose Driven Church.”  I will have to admit I wasn’t that interested–dude, it was 399 pages and I have A-D-D!!!  (Up until this book I believe the most intense thing I had ever read was Green Eggs and Ham!)

Well, maybe I was wrong after all to call NS a “Daycare Center.” I apologize because I stand corrected as seedy nightclub would be much more fitting as we learned from A Little Leaven: The Museum of Idolatry yesterday. Imagine a church with a tribute to American Idol and a church member singing “Friends in Low Places,” Garth Brooks’ stirring anthem to beer and booze just prior to “worship.”  

Actually Tony Morgan, “Pastor” and “Chief Strategic Officer” [don’t you just love these keen new titles] at NS was hoping for “Brick House” the Commodores ode to lust, “The vote for next weekend’s opening song included Brick House by the Commodores. I’m just praying that God loves funk.”

And Perry Noble, who is one really hip and relevant dude, even did a sermon series on the porn series “Girls Gone Wild.” Yeah, that’s just about a relevant as it gets–NOT! So now because I dare touch one of “the Lord’s anointed” I will probably incur the wrath of Noble for being one of his critics:

I believe more critics will begin to emerge nationwide…and I also believe that they can kiss my rear end if they don’t like what we are doing!!!  (Yes, I meant that!)

O yes, very nice…ah, in a very Junior High sort of way. I guess now Perry’s just acting like his “friends in low places.” And by the way, it’s bullet point number 13 from his blog entry here.

And now Apprising Ministries gives a big Memorial Day weekend thank you to America’s Mega-Pastor and PDL Pope Rick Warren, not only for lowering the bar for outstanding pastors like Perry Noble, but also for single-handedly reversing the Reformation and boldly delaring your own apostasy as you tell the world that those who follow apostate Roman Catholicism are:

“brothers and sisters in God’s family.” (Online source)

However, when their trust in the false gospel of the Church of Rome seals their fate in Hell for all eternity somehow I don’t think they are going to be too grateful to you Rick.