America’s Mega-Pastor and PDL Pope Rick Warren claims he is also pastor to billionaire Rupert Murdoch who has been steadily expanding his companies further into the distribution of pornography. We are aware that Saddleback Church has said Rupert Murdoch is not a member but this actually has nothing at all to do with Rick Warren claiming to be the Christian shepherd to Murdoch.

In my article Rick Warren You Are A Hypocrite as a fellow Southern Baptist pastor I have now called Warren to account for his refusal to publicly rebuke Murdoch for his exploitation of women. Right now Warren is in the sin of hypocrisy until he does so or until he publicly admits that he falsely claimed to be Murdoch’s pastor.

Rupert Murdoch is owner, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, which is the global vertically integrated media company that he founded. At its website we find Murdoch also owns HarperCollins Publishers as well as Zondervan, the publisher of Warren:

News Corporation’s book publishing division, HarperCollins Publishers, sets the industry standard for literary and fiscal success. The recent creation of their digital warehouse, along with their award-winning publishing program, has made HarperCollins one of the most innovative and dynamic trade publishers in the world. (Online source)

Now Rick Warren has another issue to deal with as “brother” Murdoch’s pastor. Because you see, HarperCollins just happens to be the publisher of, not only The Satanic Bible, but also Satanic Rituals by “The Black Pope” Anton La Vey. Now as I pointed out in Rick Warren With Purpose Driven Roman Catholicism and Mormonism?:

Rick Warren aimed to first build one great church, then show others how to build theirs…[And Warren says] “I’m not going to get into a debate over the non-essentials. I won’t try to change other denominations. Why be divisive?” he asks, citing as his model Billy Graham, “a statesman for Christ ministering across barriers.”
(Online source)

But surely embracing the Roman Catholic Church as a Christian denomination and being pastor to a Christian “brother” who is publisher of The Satanic Bible and who is also exploiting women by being a major provider of pornography Rick Warren has now moved way across barriers from which he needs to immediately return.