Earlier here at Apprising Ministries I had placed the link to a “satire” rap video apparently produced online by a “Nate the Fate,” which was done by some Pre-Seminary students at Concordia University Wisconsin. Christian Research Net contacted CUW to make them aware of this blasphemous work and the link disappeared. We did later get another copy of it.

The video quality of the copy was not that good but it did enable people to see and hear what Rev. Steven N. Smith, who is the Campus Pastor and Assistant Professor of Theology  and Rev. Dr. Timothy H. Maschke, head of the Theology Department and thought by many on campus as Concordia’s finest theologian, thought passes for humor within our Lord’s Church which He purchased with His Own blood?

As I said before, it was a very sad example at best. It has just been decided per request of the CUW President that the video be pulled from circulation. I have willingly consented to this so that CUW may handle the matter as they have indicated they would. We are still awaiting their public statement, but the time being we all agree it is for the best that the video remain offline.